As Humans Made In The Image of God Our Mission Is To Build A Prohuman World By Spreading Health, Wealth, Freedom, & Life.

An international satanic mafia is carrying out depopulation. They are enslaving and sacrificing the people of Earth by spreading disease, poverty, slavery, and death; to achieve the controlled collapse and enslavement of society called for in the Great Reset and to achieve the mass human sacrifice and depopulation called for in the post human New World Order.

They design, build, and implement depopulation systems, supporting policies, and weaponized solutions to weaponize environments to cause physical, mental, spiritual, and financial harm to steal health, wealth, freedom, and life and to create sick, poor, dying slaves.

They are as clever and deceitful as they are evil. They falsely label themselves as trusted well-meaning friends, allies, and expert authority providing sound advice, help, aid, and safe and effective solutions to problems and crises they design, build, and use as cover for implementing their depopulation systems, supporting policies, and weaponized solutions which they propagate using lies, disinformation, inversion, false narratives, and pseudoscience.

There are many brave and honorable patriots exposing depopulation. Below is an incomplete list of websites that either expose depopulation and or provide solutions to the many problems depopulation creates, even if they don’t know and or acknowledge that depopulation is a cause of the problems they are providing solutions to and or are creating awareness of.

Please visit these websites regularly and share their important information and articles with your friends and family. If we inform ourselves and those in our lives then we can save ourselves, our families, our friends, and our world from annihilation and turn it into the prohuman world that God designed us to build.