Disease + Poverty = Slavery & Death

Health + Wealth = Freedom & Life

Disease + Poverty = Slavery & Death is the antihuman depopulation equation. It is used to design depopulation systems and supporting policies that spread disease, poverty, slavery, and death; eliminate health, wealth, freedom, and life; and turn people into sick, poor, dying, slaves.


Health + Wealth = Freedom and Life is the prohuman population growth equation. It is used to design population growth systems and supporting policies that spread health, wealth, freedom, and life; eliminate disease, poverty, slavery, and death; and make people healthy, wealthy, prosperous, and free people.


Both depopulation systems and population growth systems consist of problems and solutions. 

Depopulation systems use problems as cover for deceptive lies and authoritarianism which mandate the use of harmful, unsafe, and ineffective solutions falsely labeled as being helpful, safe, and effective.

Population growth systems solve problems by uncovering the truth and using freedom of choice to choose to use among one or more solutions scientifically found and proven to be helpful, safe, and effective.