Solutions To Turn Disease & Poverty Into Health & Wealth 

Helpful websites containing professional medical and or wellness advice and or therapies to the many problems caused by covid and other disease include Dr. Peter McCullough is the Chief Scientific Officer of the wellness company which sells the Spike Support supplement along with many other wellness products at Dr. Peter McCullough has a wealth of information about the Covid Virus and how to mitigate its harmful effects. Richardson Nutritional Center makes Laetrile and other natural health supplements designed to promote health and wellness.   

The books Eat Right For Your Type and Live Right For Your Type explain how your blood type is a marker for digestive function, immune system function, stress function, and how knowing your blood type and understanding gene linkage can be used to tailor a diet and lifestyle that optimizes your genetic expression, health, and wellbeing. These two books can be found at along with other books and naturopathic supplements personalized by blood type.

Depopulation includes designing and implementing social engineering systems that work towards ending reproduction. These social engineering systems demonize heterosexuality, normalize homosexuality, and normalize pedophilia. They continue to design and implement new depopulation social engineering systems that normalize behavior that results in not reproducing. Gender affirmation is their latest depopulation social engineering system. When adhered to it results in the elimination of reproductive capabilities. 

These social systems include deceiving women and men about what the opposite sexes are inherently attracted to in each other and to create feelings of insecurity and inadequacy to stifle women and men from expressing their romantic interest in each other. This is achieved is by normalizing and selling women and men on unrealistic standards that are popularized through popular culture.  

Helpful sources to learn what the opposite sexes are inherently attracted to in each other and how to attract the opposite sex include the book The Manual: What Women Want and how to Give it to Them by W. Anton and Todd V’s wealth of attraction building information that can be found at his website and his  youtube channels and

Depopulation includes the spreading of poverty. Helpful sources to learn about the economy, economic trends, and investing strategies include and Popular investing books include a Not So Random Walk on Wall Street. A No-Nonsense Framwork on How to Beat the Market and Create Wealth. Written by Professional Trader/Investor Gregory Mannarino, The "Robin Hood of Wall Street."