Disease + Poverty = Slavery & Death (Inversion) Health + Wealth = Freedom & Life

Depopulation policies use inversion to deceive others into believing they will benefit from policies designed to harm and kill them; and to ignore the cause-and-effect relationships revealing the harmful and lethal effects these policies cause them.

Inversion is falsely stating the inversion of reality as reality. It is falsely stating that which is bad and harmful as being good and helpful, and that which is good and helpful as being bad and harmful. It is falsely stating that which is false as being true, and that which is true as being false. 

When successful, inversion gets targeted populations to accept and defend the depopulation policies that are harming and killing them.

Disease + Poverty = Slavery & Death is the antihuman equation for depopulation and death. It is used to turn people into sick, poor, dying, slaves. It is used to design depopulation systems and supporting policies that spread disease, poverty, slavery, and death; and eliminate health, wealth, freedom, and life through weaponized solutions.


Health + Wealth = Freedom and Life is the prohuman equation for prosperity and life. The prohuman equation for prosperity and life is used to make people healthy, wealthy, free, and prosperous. It is used to design propopulation systems and supporting policies to spread health, wealth, freedom, and life; and to eliminate disease, poverty, slavery, and death through safe and effective solutions.