The process for depopulation consists of first weaponizing environments to cause harm and prolbems and then treating the harm and problems with weaponized solutions that casuse even more harm and problems. This process is repeated until the targeted population has had their health depleted and their wealth confiscated to the point of death.


Problems and crises are used as cover for depopulation policies. Fake orgins and fake narratives surrounding problems and crises are constructed to generate policies allowing and mandating the use of weaponzied solutions all while allowing for plausible deniability.  


Problems being treated with weaponized solutions include thirst, hunger, poverty, socializing, climate change, pandemics, mental illness, wireless technology and other technologies.   


Some examples of weaponized solutions to these problems include adding Hydrofluosilicic Acid to the water, adding Atrazine to food, and adding selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to mental illness treatments, using the most harmful frequencies to operate wireless technologies, eliminating free markets through the re-distribution of wealth. 

Psychology is a pseudoscience used to faciliate harm, fraud, and crime by falsely labeling the acknowledgement and exposing of harm, fraud, and crime as mental illness. It is used intimidate others into echoing false realities which is used to support fake origins and fake narratives needed to failitate the fraud of weaponzied solutions. 


Inversion and projection are used to deceive, lie about, accuse, and defame opposition and to turn others against opposition. Inversion is falsely stating the inversion of reality as reality and reality as the nverion of reality; it is falsely stating what is true as being false and that which is false as being true; It is falsely stating that wich unsafe and harmful as being safe and helpful; It is falsely stating what one is for as being what one is against and vice versa. Projection is projecting what is secretly true about one's self onto their opposition to turn the audience against their opposition while also implying to the audience that it isn't true about them. Inversion and projection are used to attack and silence those who are informed and exposing harm, crime, and their causes; and to turn others against them.


The incomplete list of prohuman webistes listed on the home page provides many solutions to many of the problems that depopulation creates. To get a good overall grasp of depopulation, it's history, it's strategies, the primary players, and to stay up to date on the latests news is the best source of information. There are many other great websites reporting on depopulation and other relevant events which are listed in the Multiple Focuses group.


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There is an unmeasurable wealth of valuable informaiton waiting for you at the other prohuman websites listed on the home page. These websites are elite and so are their creators and content. It is a privilage to know of them and to be able to share them to help build a prohuman world. Visit them reguarly, learn about how they help end depopulation, and share them with your friends and family. Doing so will help create the prohuman world that God deisgned us to build.