Problems & Crises Are Cover For Using & Mandating Weaponized Solutions

Both fake and real problems with fake and real origins based on fake and real narratives are designed and built into both fake and real crises and are used as cover to implement weaponized solutions. 

Weaponized solutions are the product of depopulation system and supporting policies. They are fraudulent fake solutions designed to do what weapons do which is to cause harm and death. This harm can be broken down into physical, mental, spiritual, and financial harm. 

Examples of such problems include man-made climate change, man-made pandemics, and man-made pseudo sciences like psychology and gender affirmation. 

Lies, disinformation, inversion, false narratives, and pseudoscience are used to falsely propagate the use of weaponized solutions to these problems and crises. Psychology is a pseudoscience used to facilitate harm, fraud, and crime by falsely labeling the acknowledgement and or cause of harm, fraud, and crime as mental illness.  

The use of weaponized solutions are first suggested, then promoted, and are eventually mandated. Those who do not comply with the fraud and or expose the fraud are punished by the criminals imposing it in ways that achieve the intent of the weaponized solution by having their health and or wealth harmed.  

Weaponized Solutions provide cover for criminals stating plausible deniability by falsely stating their intentions were to help and that they believed their solutions were safe and effective and were unaware that they were harmful and lethal.   

Environments are turned into weaponized environments by having weaponized solutions used as solutions for the problems relevant to the environment. Common problems relevant to all environments are thirst, hunger, and mental health. Hydrofluosilicic Acid and Atrazine are two chemicals commonly used to weaponize solutions to thirst and hunger and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used to weaponize solutions to mental health.